Seito's Arc: Heroic Ryuubi & Her Scheming Companion
Season 5, Episode 11
Gentoku ryuubi
Air date  ????
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Kyosho's Arc: Heroic Ryuubi & Her Scheming Companion is the fictitious 60th episode of the Ikkitousen anime series and the eleventh episode of Ikkitousen: Cascading Conquerers.

Summary Edit

In the aftermath of the Kentei incident, life in Seito Academy has quieted down. Kanu has Chouhi and Bachou training in the morning, Shiryu and Kochu continue to watch the campus, and Ryuubi sits in the library with Koumei and Gomei. During her reading session, Ryuubi receives news that new schools have risen up in rebellion against Kyosho, Nanyo and Seito's three-way supremacy. Gomei then eagerly advises Ryuubi to take the initiative and conquer Ryoshu High School and Enjo Academy to obtain an advantageous position against Kyosho Academy. Ryuubi didn't feel right in fighting the new, weaker schools and planned on delaying their assault. Gomei reluctantly followed her orders and delayed his plans only to find out later that Kyosho and Nanyo had taken advantage of the new schools and expanded their territory.

By that time, Gomei had calculated that Keishou High School would be their only chance to gain an equal advantage against the others. To encourage Ryuubi to accept his advice, Gomei called a meeting of the major fighters to talk about Seito's current situation. During the meeting, Gomei advised everyone to ally with Keishou, conquer it's somewhat-independent annexes, place Seito's fighters in them to obtain authority, and take over Keishou via majority control. Ryuubi was kind of against the plan but heard the support of Gomei's idea from the others and only accepted the formation of an alliance with Keishou Academy. Although Gomei tried to convince her otherwise, the others became adamant about obeying Ryuubi and so Gomei decided set up a new plan all together.

Later that evening, Gomei gathered three of his followers all in cloaks and ordered them to do something for him before the scene cuts to black. The next day, Ryuubi, Gomei, Bachou, and Kochu head for Keishou High School to meet with its leader and discuss an alliance. Before their departure, Ryuubi leaves Kanu and Koumei in charge of Seito and Gomei secretly nodded at the cloaked figures behind the trees, who left immediately after the gesture. With all the good-byes said, the group left for Keishou, some determined to ally with them, and one determined to conquer them.

Appearing Characters Edit

Seito Academy

  • Gentoku Ryuubi
  • Giren Gomei
  • Unchou Kanu
  • Koumei Shokatsuryo
  • Ekitoku Chouhi
  • Shiryu Chouun
  • Kancho Kochu
  • Mouki Bachou
  • Yojo Bashoku
  • Suikyo

Kyosho Academy (Image Only)

  • Moutoku Sousou
  • Genjo Kakouton
  • Bunro Juniku
  • Myosai Kakouen
  • Chuukou Kyocho

Nanyo Academy (Image Only)

  • Hakufu Sonsaku
  • Koukin Shuuyu
  • Shimei Ryomou
  • Gakushuu
  • Genpou Saji (Shishi Ouin)


  • Cloaked figure #1
  • Cloaked figure #2
  • Cloaked figure #3

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode involving Seito Academy that doesn't have Unchou Kanu playing a significant role.
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