Nanyo's Arc: Kyokou's Rebellion
Season 5, Episode 3
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Air date  ????
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Nanyo's Arc: Kyokou's Rebellion is the fictitious 52nd episode of the Ikkitousen anime series and the third episode of Ikkitousen: Cascading Conquerers.

Summary Edit

With Yoshu Academy secured, Hakufu pays a visit to her other annexed school, Gogun High School. While touring the school grounds, Hakufu sees a lot of bullying occur and breaks up most of the fights alone. After consulting with Rikuson and Shuuyu, Hakufu establishes a harsh set of rules that force the students of Gogun High School to get along. This begins the planning of a rebellion led by Kyokou as a way to re-establish themselves after the fall of their leader Genhakuko. As they spike Hakufu's juice with a hallucinogen drug and fool her into believing that there was a fight out behind the school, Hakufu raced to stop it and became affected by the drug. As she was surrounded by Kyokou's men and was about to be attacked, Shuuyu, Ryomou and Taishiji appeared and defeated them. With his rebellion quelled, Kyokou is beaten to a pulp and expelled from Gogun High School. With that threat removed, Hakufu gained her firm grasp on Gogun and began plotting the takeover of Koiji Academy.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is based off of Xu Gong's attempt to rebel against Sun Ce.
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