Nanyo's Arc: Koukin Missing in Action?
Season 5, Episode 5
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Air date  ????
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Nanyo's Arc: Koukin Missing in Action? is the fictitious 54th episode of the Ikkitousen anime series and the fifth episode of Ikkitousen: Cascading Conquerers.

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Continuing from the last episode, Hakufu's shock of Shuuyu being missing is shown on her face. The others are also shocked and ask Chuubou if she's sure he's missing. She assures them that, after his fight with Hakufu, he never came back home and that they couldn't find him around town or in Nanyo. Worried for his safety, Hakufu orders a search party of Nanyo, Yoshu, Gogun, and Koiji students to find him no matter the cost. A long montage of the various students is seen looking literally everywhere for Koukin. Hakufu is seen running around everywhere calling his name and thinking about how stupid she was for being rude to him and leaving him alone.

3 days pass and Shuuyu is still missing. While some of the students have given up looking for him, Hakufu continues to search everywhere. Worried about her health and psych, Rikuson and the others try to convince her to calm down. Feeling guilty for this whole situation, Hakufu yells at them for not understanding her feelings and keeps searching. While they talk, a groaning is heard in a nearby dumpster. When they look inside, they find Koukin barely breathing and covered in trash. Overjoyed by his appearance, Hakufu jumps in and tightly hugs Koukin, apologizing for her behavior before.

While recovering in Doctor Kata's clinic, Hakufu inquires as to who took him. According to Rikuson's interrogation of Shuuyu, it was three female fighters that kidnapped him. They knocked him out, brought him to an abandoned warehouse, drugged him, and forcefully raped him in an attempt to coerce him into joining their school. As Hakufu angrily thought about Koukin being raped, she coldly asked which school they served, with Rikuson's answer being Keishou Academy. She explained that they recently surrendered to Kyosho and this was most likely an order by Sousou to prove their loyalty. More furious about the rape rather than their affiliation and motive, Hakufu orders their force to solely attack Kyosho Academy and Keishou Academy. Ryomou attempts to talk Hakufu out of it, but Rikuson agrees with Hakufu that Kyosho has taken their conquest too far and they must be punished. With her eye set on Sousou's head, Hakufu marched her newly acquired armies against Kyosho's territories.

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