Nanyo's Arc: Hakufu looks towards Koiji Academy
Season 5, Episode 3
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Air date  ????
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Nanyo's Arc: Hakufu looks towards Koiji Academy is the fictitious 53rd episode of the Ikkitousen anime series and the fourth episode of Ikkitousen: Cascading Conquerers.

Summary Edit

After the Gogun High School incident, Hakufu decided to conquer Koiji Academy to quickly secure the East. Koukin thought that Hakufu was getting too worked up and tried to convince her to rest for a while before campaigning again. Hakufu then started to beg Koukin to let her go and have a good fight and he rejected her pleas. Rikuson arrived and also advised Hakufu to rest and plan exactly what she would do before she recklessly charged in to Koiji. Hakufu finally agreed and took a break by going to the city with Shuuyu, Ryomou and Taishiji. As they were walking around, Hakufu saw and chased an abandoned cat, getting separated from the others in the process. While she was looking for the others, she stumbled upon a group of Koiji students who were talking about how the whole school would surrender to Nanyo if they attacked. Hearing this news, Hakufu quickly found and told the others of her intel and ordered that they strike against Koiji Academy tomorrow morning. Shuuyu became skeptical about the idea and thought it may be a trick. Hakufu chastized him for never listening to her plans and orders him to follow her in to battle. Koukin, upset at her remarks, decides to leave them and go home. While he's walking home alone, he is ambushed and taken by three shadowy assailants.

The Next day, Hakufu, along with Ryomou, Taishiji, Gakushuu, Shuutai, and the Nanyo fighters army, appear before Koiji Academy and order them to surrender. Immediately, Guhon, Koiji Academy's strategist appeared and formally surrendered on behalf of the school. When they entered the school, Rikuson inquired as to where Ouro went. Guhon told them that, after hearing of Kyokou's failed uprising, he thought that he'd be next on the chopping block and fled to Kyosho with Ryuuyou, leaving him in charge of the school. Hakufu trash talked Ouro for being a coward and was glad that she didn't have to fight him. She also decided to offer Guhon a chance to become one of her advisors, which he kindly accepted. Suddenly, Chuubou, Male Saji, and Female Saji bursted into the room. After being asked what they were doing there, Chuubou informed Hakufu that Koukin never came home and went missing.

Trivia Edit

  • Guhon is the Japanese equivalent of Yu Fan.
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